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5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 You Must Buy This Year (2017)

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5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 You Must Buy This Year (2017)

We are almost done with fidget spinners this year. There are still tons of cool gadgets out there undiscovered in a warehouse somewhere. I have prepared a list of 5 cool gadgets under $10 you must buy this year and I can gurantee you that you will find yourself using them all the time.

I'll match you with the lowest prices among all the sellers across the world.

Category: 5 Cool Gadgets
Cost: Under $10
Severity: Must Buy
Year: 2017
Season: All 

1. Photo Camera Case For iPhone (Price: $5.27)

External Camera Case for iPhone Models

With this item you can give your iPhone a professional camera look. Basically this is an external housing for your iPhone which makes the back of your iPhone device look like a traditional digital photo camera. This product could also fall into iPhone case category. This vintage looking iPhone gadget is one of the best and durable dirt resistant iPhone accessory in the 2017 market now.

The iPhone Photo Camera Case comes in 4 colors. Black, Pink, Rose & Silver.

The compatible models for iPhone Camera Case are iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, iphone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPhone 7 Plus. - $5.27
Competitors - None


2. Phone Holder Socket (Price: $3.00)

This is one ridiculous piece of invention. I don’t see anything proprietary about this product because it was right there all along. Although thousands of users who bought this ridiculous item seem to think Phone holder socket is one missing component of phones. Phone Holder Socket sticks to the back of your handheld device and gives you a strong hold of your phone.

Phone Holder Socket

You can use multiple sockets for iPad or tabs.

I called it a ridiculous invention because I am not a big phone user. But if you watch YouTube video’s or spend a good amount of time with your phone/tablet, you can give this item a try. You can even roll your earphone wire around the socket and won’t notice it’s there.

Phone Holder Socket Earphone Roll

The bottom line is if you know you are gonna spend some time with your device, you can give Phone Holder Socket a try. Since it is a small gadget, you can just throw it in your pocket or purse and carry around without even noticing it’s there. currently has only 10 Designs for Phone Holder Socket. (See Product Description Below) - $3.00
Competitors: - $3.99
POP New Beautiful Finger Holder with Anti‑fall Phone Smartphone Desk Stand Grip Socket Mount for iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Sockets Colorful - $4.90
Multi‑Function Holder Expanding Stand Grip Pop Socket Mount For Smartphones 7 - $5.90
Universal 360° Car Sticky Magnetic Stand Holder Mount For Iphone 7 6s - $9.99
Popsockets Chakra Phone Stand And Grip ‑ Nude ‑ One Size


3. Beard Care Shaving Apron (Price: $2.58)


Manufacturers sometimes also reffered to it as a cleaning tool. I find this product extremely appealing and I believe you will like it too.

Not much explain here. A piece of cloth, of which one end goes around your neck and the other end has two suction cups attached to each corners. It would be a good grab for you married folks out there. You will thank me for it!


2 Colors Available, Black and White. - $2.58
Competitors: - $2.99, $5.19
Men's Facial Hair Beard Care Shave Apron Cape Bib Trimming Catcher
Beard Apron Gather Cloth Bib Facial Hair Trimmings Catcher Cape For
Esbelle Beauty - $9.38
Refaxi Beard Grooming Cape Men's Beard Catcher Care Shaving Apron Bib with Suction Cups - $7.20
Beard Apron Bib Hair Catcher Shave Cape Facial Care Trimming Shaving Grooming ‑ Black - $12.99
Premium Beard Apron Beard Catcher by Royal Barber ‑ Beard Bib & Facial Hair Catcher ‑ Black & White


4. Anti-Stress Think Ink Pen (Price: $7.80)

Think Ink Pen

This is honestly a cool invention. I don't have any experience using Think Ink Pen therefor I would like to share's idea.

I don't have any affiliation to but I encourage you to support their project by donating.


Think Ink isn’t just a stress ball that you picked up at a career fair or the Rubik's Cube you wish you could be playing with during your meeting. Think Ink is a focus tool with a writing utensil embedded inside to help you jot down your best ideas and get $#!+ done! 

Think Ink pen is the first titanium, steel pen that bends, spins and transforms into various creative, fidgety features. For the constant fidgeters in life, we’ve created a super fun device that’s perfect for all situations, so you can discreetly fidget, whenever, wherever!




Source: - $7.80

There aren't many competitors in the market for this product but Walmart is selling them for $11.79.

Betterhome Think Ink Pen Finger Fidget Pen Decompression Pen Magnetic Metal Stress Reducer Anxiety Boredom Relieve for Office School


5. Mini Portable Eye Glass Cleaner ($0.49)

Mini Portable Eye Glass Cleaner


- Do you have eyes?

- Do you wear eye-glasses?

If you have answered YES, your eyes are in for a treat then. Mini Portable Eye Glass Cleaner would be one of the must have items of all time. Regardless of how frequently you use your eye-glasses, your glasses are bound to get dirty.

There are more fancier version of Mini Portable Eye Glass Cleaner in the market now but for 49 cents, I wouldn't think twice. Order one now! In fact order 2 of them. - $0.49
Competitors: - $19.99 (9.99 Each)
Set/2 Peeps Premium Carbon Portable Eyeglass Lens Cleaners ,Black/Blue - $0.99
Good Mini Portable Glasses Eyeglass Sunglasses Microfiber Cleaner - $14.99
Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner in Black

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